Born as Banurekha Ganeshan, this south Indian beauty has stolen a millions of hearts and wooed audiences with her sensuous looks. She has turned 58 but is only growing prettier with age. Rekha, as we all know her is here to stay in as young as ever in people’s hearts.

In the early stage of her career, Rekha reaped criticism for being overweight and dark. She was tagged as an ugly duckling because she looked unconventional and a lot different from heroines of her times, who were slimmer and fairer.

Rekha worked on her appearance and returned with a bang. She sported a slim frame and created a niche for herself in the industry. She bagged iconic roles in several films that established herself as a fine actress. Soon she went on to become one of the most sought after actresses in town- both for her irresistible looks and impeccable talent.

As Umrao Jaan in ‘Umrao Jaan’, Rekha left people dumbfounded with her portrayal of a courtesan and till date no actress has been able to match her grace while doing a mujra.

Many actresses idolise Rekha for her sheer presence and beauty.

Here’s wishing the gorgeous lady a very happy birthday.


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